First Christmas in Silence

First Christmas in silence

Fiona Brownlee was one of the founding members of http://www.mumsrock.com, the brainchild of her former college flatmate Gigi Eligoloff, who cunningly persuaded a talented group of writers, marketing gurus and technical wizards to combine their skills for free to create the edgy site that was MumsRock.  It was there that the blog Sleepless in Suburbia was born and when it grew up it graduated to http://www.inthepowderroom.com, which bought MumsRock.  Book publisher, international globetrotter, plate-spinner and compulsive committee member Fiona continued to write the blog throughout her third pregnancy but when her third child, a boy, was diagnosed as being deaf in October 2011 it was difficult to maintain the brief of being ‘sassy and funny’ and for a while it floundered.  Resurrected as Sleepless in Silence in Suburbia the new blog emerged from it’s shell in March 2012 and, like a new born turtle, waddled its way to the sea and swam alone, without the support (technical, emotional and practical) of a major website. Wish it luck.


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  1. Suzi Banks Baum October 3, 2012 at 7:18 pm #

    Dear Fiona, Our mutual pal Chandler recommended I stop over here to say hello. What a joy to be in your world through your words. I look forward to reading more of you! Sincerely, Suzi

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