My bionic baby

11 Nov

My baby boy has bionic ears. Three weeks after being diagnosed as deaf, he is the proud owner of two tiny clear plastic hearing aids. I’d like to say I hardly know they’re there but whenever his ear brushes against anything feedback reverberates around the room. When I breastfeed, I always knock one of them off and I have to remove them when he’s having a bath which must confuse him by plunging him again into a world of silence.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what he can hear with them in. The intention is to enhance his hearing to enable him to hear speech but having convinced myself (wrongly) that he could hear me before the diagnosis, I’m nervous to assume he can hear me now. If he can, he’ll be shocked that the beatific mother who he thought took his sisters to school every morning is in fact a screaming banshee.

He can definitely hear loud noises. He’s always been very good at napping on the hoof but now he wakes up as soon as a loud bus trundles past, and in the playground he cried the first time he heard the school bell. The fact that we have to take the aids out at night means that he still isn’t woken by my husband stumbling around in the middle of the night or the girls bounding in in the morning, but I’m painfully aware that when he wakes for his 4 am feed he can’t hear me soothing him back to sleep again.

I can’t believe it’s only 3 weeks.  The first week we were in total shock, unable to eat or sleep and torturing ourselves worrying about his future; the second week we started gathering information and making plans for dealing with the present, and now it honestly seems relatively normal. If it’s possible, I love him more than I loved him before – I think everyone does. I desperately hope that the hearing aids are working so that speech isn’t a problem but even if they aren’t and it is, we’ll love him to bits and do everything we possibly can to look after him.

I’ve been astonished by the speed with which the NHS have moved since the official diagnosis. Admittedly, I hated the original audiologist for delivering the news that our baby was deaf but by the time we saw the paediatrician, we were just grateful for someone who could answer all our questions and reassure us.  Since then we have seen another audiologist who took the moulds and another who showed us how to fit the hearing aids. A teacher for the deaf sat in on that appointment and is coming to our home this week with a teacher who will be assigned to us permanently.  Given that I’ve never been very good at hot-housing my children to ensure they reach their milestones, this baby could be beating them to it with such one-to-one care.

My bionic baby is going to be just fine and looking on the bright side, he’ll probably be the only baby not to be woken up by the fireworks this Bonfire Night.


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