Traveling as a family of five

21 Oct

The world is not created for families of five.  This week we took our long awaited holiday to Spain – booked originally for a family of four, moved when I discovered it clashed with my due date and moved again when I was told I had placenta praevia and wasn´t allowed to fly.  By the time we'd changed it three times and added an extra person plus baggage required for a new baby the cost of our ‘budget' Ryan Air flight was well over budget.

I had opted not to tick the priority boarding box.  With four of us paying the excess there and back and still not being guaranteed seats together – how irritating is it to pay and find yourself first on the bus to the plane instead of the plane itself? –  it didn´t seem worth it.  On almost every other flight, families with babies and young children are seated first.  Even Easy Jet allowed us to the front of the queue with our five year old at Easter but this time we stood in line with every other cost conscious family with young children while elderly couples who probably wouldn't speak to each other on the flight anyway snaked past in the priority queue.  It amused me that they would soon find themselves responsible for someone else's child on the three hour flight to Malaga.

On arrival, we fared little better.  The taxis can only take four and EU regulations demand that babies travel in a car seat, so our little group of five was forced to upgrade to a ten seater mini-bus for the 40 minute journey to Nerja where I reflected that we´ll soon outgrow the lovely two bedroom apartment, which we've rented for the last three years unless we keep the baby in a travel cot until he's a teenager.

Thankfully, as long as he's on formula, the fifth member of our family is not eating (literally) into our spending money while we're away.  He should be grateful.  After giving the rest of the family free rein to frequent restaurants and order chorizo and red wine (the husband) and ice cream and coke (the girls) for the first three days, I suddenly realised that our Euros were dwindling rapidly and clamped down on expenditure Big Brother style for the rest of the holiday, drawing up a shopping list of rations, which has had them day dreaming of going home and not being faced with a diet of bread and water.  I think even my non-religious husband thought wistfully of Jesus turning water into wine when I loudly pointed out in the supermarket that for one bottle of wine we could buy ten bottles of water.  The baby may be only twelve weeks but he's the only one blissfully unaware of the exorbitant cost of holidaying as a family of five.


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