Princesses and sleep doctors

7 Oct

At present there are only 2 sleep clinics in the UK and none in Scotland where I moved shortly before having children.   I was delighted to hear that the person who had contacted me was aware of the plight of sleepless mothers like me and was trying to do something to improve our situation. 

At 6pm an impossibly gorgeous young woman called round, just hitting that chaotic hour post work pre bed time and attempted to interview my daughter and me while I made tea.  My daughter was entranced. After our recent visit to Disney anyone relatively young with long blonde hair is a Princess in her eyes!   She was great though, I purged myself of all my miserable sleep stories sparing my friends another hour or two of sympathising with my plight and my daughter drew her endless pictures which can apparently help to diagnose a problem though I’m not sure the study allows for the child drawing quite so many.  Data probably screwed up already! 

She left us with a watch which my daughter has to wear for a week day and night and which apparently registers when she is awake at night, even though she might not come through to us and when she is nodding off during the day. 

I will be intrigued to see the results but her wrist is so skinny it slips up and down her arm like a bracelet which I can’t see proving particularly reliable.  The good news is that she’s actually sleeping quite well as she wants to impress the new sleep doctor / princess so I’m taking the opportunity to get my youngest daughter out of pull-ups at night. I’m a glutton for punishment. Maybe I just don’t want to sleep!


3 Responses to “Princesses and sleep doctors”


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